1.  To advise, support, and protect the interests of the people and other organizations in matters related to broadcasting and television business and media literacy.
2. To promote, advise, and provide assistance in the development of digital television broadcasting to achieve both recognized national and international standards.
3. Promote, support, and supervise members to operate appropriately within the framework of the code of conduct, professional ethics, rules, and regulations of the association and various governing laws, as well as to impose penalties for members in violation of the code of conduct, ethics, rules, regulations, and rules of the association and related laws.
4. To review and update the regulations to be up-to-date in order to be able to respond effectively to the consideration of complaints.
5. To act as a coordinator or representative for members in consulting on and negotiating the issuance of rules and laws pertaining to the broadcasting and television industries with local and international government agencies, agencies, or other institutions.
6. To operate or cooperate with charitable organizations and public organizations.
7. To promote, support, and provide assistance for members who have performed their duties or acted in the interest of the association or the public interest.
8. To represent or be the central body acting on behalf of members in carrying out various matters related to broadcasting and television business according to the objectives of the association.
9. To receive support for the implementation of the objectives of the association from individuals, corporations, or organizations.
10. To improve the association's ethical standards so that they are as comprehensive in all aspects and consistent with technological advancements as possible.
11.  To promote unity and uphold the honor of the profession and of the members.
12. To support, advise, disseminate, and educate people and other organizations in matters related to broadcasting and television business and media literacy.
13. To study, research, and survey the ratings of television programs and television channels to promote and support the television industry as well as the public interest.
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