Association Of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand)

 Background of the Association

        The Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand) was established on September 23, 2015, consisting of 10 representatives of digital terrestrial television operators under business service licenses. Originally, 28 digital TV channels were broadcast, of which 18 were standard-definition channels and 10 were high-definition channels. Subsequently, the broadcasting of Loca 15 and THV 17 channels was discontinued. Therefore, only 26 broadcasting channels remained in operation, and on May 10, 2019, the Office of the NBTC issued an announcement that any digital television operators wishing to return their licenses could submit a letter of intent to the Office of the NBTC in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the Head of the NCPO Order No. 4/2562 on measures to solve the problems of the television business and telecommunications. Following the announcement, 7 licenses were returned, namely 3 Family 13, MCOT Family 14, Spring News 19, Bright TV 20, Voice TV 21, Spring 26, and 3 SD 28, leaving the remaining 19 channels for digital terrestrial television operators under the business service licenses and public broadcasting service licenses, divided into 9 standard-definition channels and 10 high-definition channels.

      Subsequently, after the 2nd announcement to support the ratings of the digital television industry, there has been an increase in the level of cooperation among digital terrestrial television operators under business service licenses, with 15 more channels joining the association, consisting of (1) Thairath TV, (2) PPTV HD, (3) One 31, (4) GMM 25, (5) Nation TV, (6) NEW 18, (7) 3HD, (8) Mono29, (9) MCOT HD, (10) Amarin TV HD 34, (11) TNN 16, (12) True4U, (13) 7HD, (14) Channel 8, and (15) Workpoint TV 27.


       This cooperation not only serves the purpose of professional development and the advancement of the digital television business, but also aims to establish an impartial, non-profit organization that represents all members in carrying out various activities in the public interest: supporting the further development of the country's broadcasting and television broadcasting industry, cooperating and coordinating with relevant government agencies, educating people, and assuming the leading role in driving for public benefits. The association is determined and continues to bring benefits and development to the broadcasting business and television business, which must keep on developing to keep up with new technologies while upholding professional dignity and ethical standards.

        And, in September 2020, the association invited four digital terrestrial television operators under the public service licenses, namely (1) NBT, (2) Thai PBS, (3) Channel 5, and (4) the Parliamentary Television Channel, to join as members, which is currently in the process of following up on the response results.
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