PDPA for Television Operators

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PDPA for Television Operators

          (July 27, 2022): The Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand) together with the Thai Media Fund organized the PDPA Training Program for Digital Television Operators to impart knowledge to the media and operators of digital television systems for all 15 channels at the Kamolmat Room, 6th Floor, Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok.

          "The organization of the PDPA for television operators arises from the request of the association members that the association to hold a meeting on the subject of the PDPA or the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 urgently because personnel working with PDPA at various channels have questions and ambiguities, fearing wrongdoing in their lines of work, which may result in legal penalties," said Mr. Suphap Kleekajai, President of the Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand). "They have called on the association to organize this training event. This training is a collaboration between the Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand) and the Thai Media Fund to create accurate and clear knowledge and understanding, as well as knowledge of the PDPA law, for the media and digital television operators of all 15 channels, who are members of the Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (Thailand), to be able to solve problems or avoid actions that would constitute a violation of the PDPA law."

          Dr. Thanakorn Srisuksai, Manager of the Thai Media Fund, said, "The Thai Media Fund has a strategy to promote and develop knowledge in developing a safe and creative media and media ecosystem. This training is in line with the fund's mission, which is the organization of bodies of knowledge and encouraging participation. The Fund will be an important force in creating participation from all sectors. “This training will help develop mass communication personnel to have an accurate and clear understanding as well as knowledge of PDPA law for the media and digital television operators and apply it to the fullest benefits in life and professional practice, including the production of good, safe, and creative media for the benefit of society and the nation in the future.”

          Several expert speakers delivered a lecture on important topics during the training session, including Khun Chawarong Limpattamapanee on "PDPA and the problems encountered by television operators" and Khun Paiboon Amornpinyokiat on "In-depth, Things to Stop, Avoid, and Risks of PDPA Violation." Over 150 participants from digital television operators, the media, and those working in mass communication attended the training session both online via Zoom and in person at the Sukosol Hotel on Sri Ayutthaya Road in Bangkok.

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